Pre Shot Routine For Putting

A Video on the Perfect Pre Shot Routine for Putting

Watch the top players in the world and they have a very repeatable pre shot routine for putting. The idea is that no putt should be any different from another. Getting into this habit and following a routine will help you in play better golf under pressure, when you are more likely to focus on the consequence of the putt and lose focus on the process will help you make it. For me, putting is both an art and a science. Good green reading is of course important, but following a process that allows you to connect with your senses of visualization and feel will maximize your chance of success.

Follow these steps for the perfect pre shot routine for putting

1) Be very decisive about the read. Once you’ve made your assessment of the line and speed, commit to it. Second guessing yourself over the ball will result in a poorly executed putt.

2) See the ball go in the hole in your mind and focus on what that putt feels like. I find it best to do this during my practice strokes which helps me feel the speed.

3) Get the fundamentals right and use your routine to ensure these are correct every time. The most important things to think about here are getting aligned properly, having a light grip pressure and a consistent ball position..

4)Once you are fully engaged with the look and feel of the putt, start your stroke.

5) Focus on the steps of your routine and hit the ball solidly and you will have hit a good putt. Measuring the quality of your putting by this instead of the outcome will take pressure of and make your good process a habit.

Free Mental Game of Putting Course

David MacKenzie

is a mental golf coach and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind, a teaching program designed to help golfers condition their minds to overcome fear and play with confidence.

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    Lisa Cobler

    Hi David, I really enjoy your information on the mental game. What is your opinion of the focus band?

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