Top 10 Mental Game of Putting Tips

If you’re needing some help with your putting this season, look no further than my Top 10 mental game putting tips.

1. Love putting!

Putting is one of the most enjoyable areas of the game. Get excited about the possibilities!

2. Figure out the pace of the greens before playing

The biggest variable between putting rounds is not your stroke, it’s the pace of the greens. Spend adequate amount of time getting your feel down before heading to the first tee.

3. Have a consistent set-up and light grip pressure

Are your eyes in relation to the ball and the line the same every time? Is your alignment and ball position consistent? If not, you’ll see a different result each time.

Studies that have been done to compare the putting of weekend golfers and Tour pros, showed that (on average) the amateur grips the club almost 3 times as tight! The Tour player wants to have optimal feel for the putter head and let gravity and the design of the putter do a large part of the work. So should you.

4. Let it go!

Trust is a huge factor in great putting. Your stroke is a reaction to what you see in front of you. There’s no need to think about it (part of your practice time can be used for that). Just trust yourself to make a good stroke! Saying something to yourself like “let it go”, or ‘trust your stroke”, can help initiate a smooth stroke.

5. Visualize success

All great putters are able to “see” the line to the hole. Where on the cup will the ball enter? How fast will it be moving when it goes in the hole? For length – aim to have the ball finish 18 inches beyond the hole and have the hole get in the way.

6. Follow a Routine

Do you have a consistent pre-putt routine that helps you get as confidence and prepared as possible so you make a positive and fluid stroke? If you don’t, you might want to check out the GSOM Putting System.

7. Breathe!

There can sometimes be a lot of pressure on putting. The outcome of your match or tournament can be decided on the putting green, so having some stress management techniques to keep you present can be extremely helpful. Focusing on your breathing techniques for golf is one way to do it.

8. Measuring your success

Do you know your average putts per round or Putts Per GIR? Do you know your make percentages from different ranges? If you don’t, I’d recommend you keep them in a stat tracker like You need to see whether what you’re doing to improve is actually working.

9. Keep a success log

Have you thought about keeping a success log of your most successful putts? I have my students keep a log of their best shots in general, but if putting is something you know you need help with – highlight your great putts in a round. Thinking about these great putts before a round can be a great confidence booster and improve your self-image.

10. Practice properly!

Are you practicing using the Tour player “⅓ rule”? Try dedicating ⅓ of your practice to your technique, ⅓ to random length putting and ⅓ to pressurized drills and games.

Try my best putting tips and let me know how you get on!

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David MacKenzie

is a mental golf coach and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind, a teaching program designed to help golfers condition their minds to overcome fear and play with confidence.

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