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Bonding With Your Golf Clubs

Golf confidence in part involves becoming hooked on our favorite clubs. We just love our 5 iron, or our driver, or whatever. We have favorites in our bag. Just why is it so important to like the look of your clubs?

Golf Confidence Necessitates Bonding With Your Golf Clubs

Golf confidence is learned in many different ways. Golf is a very visual game in more ways than many of us realize. I was reminded of this fact yesterday when I played with a lady who had left her clubs at home in her rush to get to the course. Borrowed set of clubs in hand, off we set to tee number one.

She pulled out a 5 wood (all that was required on this particular hole) and proceeded to hit one of the sweetest shots possible, landing on a perfectly flat lie (not easy on this course) leaving an exact 150 yards to the middle of the green. Very nice indeed! As the game progressed it became obvious to us all that this 5 wood was quickly becoming a real favorite. She really bonded with this club.

By the time we finished the first nine she disappeared into the pro shop and had ordered a 5 wood and a 3 (why not?) in this particular make. Now here is a good golfer with a nice positive attitude who knows immediately what she wants! I like her style.

I was immediately reminded of the fact that an almost identical thing had happened to me a few months earlier, although sadly I did not take such immediate action. I was playing in Carolina and had not taken my clubs and hence borrowed a set, which I immediately bonded with; I have to say that this does not usually happen for me. Upon returning home I just could not hit my own driver and woods as sweetly as I had those other clubs. (Darn!)

I kept looking down at the club as it sat facing the ball and it simply didn’t look good to me; it didn’t look “right”. I knew in my own mind that it was in my own mind, if you see what I mean. But the fact remains that if your club does not look right to you, your golf confidence doesn’t feel right either! And any golfer knows that confidence is KING.

Without confidence that ball zips off cross country as it takes on a mind of its own and visits trees, bunkers, lakes and goodness only knows what else. Those golf balls do what they are told and if you do not apply a firm and focused mind set they will undoubtedly reflect this omission.

I am a self confessed golf addict as are the gals I was playing with. A great conversation ensued about the look of a club and how it affected each of us. We progressed to discussing swings and golf swing thoughts and swing styles. We all agreed that everyone has to find their own perfect swing. There is no perfect swing for all and everyone.

Between the three of us, one has a baseball swing with a start and a finish added later, one has a “too-wide” stance and “too-flat” swing plane (me), and the other has what one would probably say is the more accepted norm. But they all work…for the person who uses them. They wouldn’t necessarily work for someone else, but that doesn’t matter; so long as your swing works for you, that’s all that is important.

And your swing will work for you when you have confidence. In golf, confidence is KING.

What is your favorite club in the bag?

Photo by Hone Morihana

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Roseanna Leaton

, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system to provide golf confidence for amateurs and professionals alike.

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    Troy Vayanos

    Nice article,

    I have always liked the 9 iron. It always feels comfortable for me and the majority of the time I always seem to hit it well and go pretty much where I want it.

    It’s a real ‘go to’ club when I need it on the golf course.


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